The Verification Process

1. We contact you by email or WhatsApp

2. We ask for a photo of 1 of the following:

- PAN card

- CIN number

- electricity bill

- cancelled cheque

3. As soon as you send a photo we will reply that your business is verified

The verification email looks like this:

Hey, how are you today?

This is Jenny from!
You created a website with us recently! Buinesses with online presence grow twice as fast as their offline competitors and soon clients will only deal with SMBs with online services.
Congrats for taking this smart step to grow your business! :)
The next step for you is to Verify your business in order to allow people to find you on Google and on other online channels.

Your website:

Please verify your business by replying to this message with a photo of at least one of the following official business documents:
1. CIN or PAN of the business
2. VAT of the business
3. Electricity or water bill of the business
4. Cancelled cheque of the business

Verification is extremely important... hurry up!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Have a great day!

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